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Lucy sits down for her first day of Kindergarten at Mills Lawn.

Lucy sits down for her first day of Kindergarten at Mills Lawn.

BLOG — The confidence of 6

As Lucy starts Kindergarten, it’s clear that I’m much more anxious about it than she is.

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  •   Mug shot

    Ceramicist Richard Overman, of Cincinnati, exhibited mugs and other pieces with strong personalities at this year's Art on the Lawn. (Photo by Isaac Delamarte)The 33rd annual Art on the Lawn took place last Saturday, Aug. 13. Around 100 vendors participated, and the event drew solid crowds most of the day, despite late-afternoon rain.

  •   Art on Lawn this Saturday

    Artistic metal lawn creations were among the many original works of art presented at last year’s Art on the Lawn. This year’s event takes place on the Mills Lawn grounds this Saturday, Aug. 13, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (News archive photo by Diane Chiddister)One of the things that makes the annual Art on the Lawn event stand out from other art and artisan shows is in its title — that would be the Lawn part.

  •   Forest friends

    Young musicians with the Friends Music Camp, or FMC, marched through town on Saturday, July 30, to promote the 33rd annual benefit concert for Glen Helen, held later that evening. FMC musicians played flutes, horns, violins, saxophones and plenty of percussion as they passed the Mills Park Hotel and continued to move their joyful noise up Xenia Avenue. (Photo by Matt Minde)What started out as a quick musical march up and down Xenia Avenue (top) ended up as a two-hour performance Saturday evening, July 30, to benefit Glen Helen.

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  •   Village utility changes beget odd bills

    THUMB_VillageLifeThe trepidation accompanying monthly bills has been on the increase over the past electric and water billing cycles, as a number of Yellow Springs residents have received significantly higher than usual utility bills.

  •   Cut electric rates with peak shaving

    SERVICES_thumbPeriodically throughout the summer, Village government encourages Yellow Springers to assist with “peak shaving.” The practice is generally understood as a way to reduce electricity usage and save money, but what does it actually mean?

  •   Through the lens of race: the 911 call

    A video still showing John Crawford III, at the far end of the aisle, and shopper Angela Williams and her two children in the foreground. The still is from a Walmart surveillance video from the night of Aug. 5, 2014. (From Walmart security cameras, Youtube)Third article in this series: From Beavercreek to Baton Rouge, high-profile police shootings of unarmed African-American men reveal dramatic disparities in how white and black citizens are perceived and treated by police.

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