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A cardboard recruit proudly supports the newly dedicated Camp Birch facility (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

New building, same scouts

Camp Birch on Swimming Pool Road has always been a haven for young people wishing to discover themselves in the great outdoors. Boy and Girl Scouts throughout the camp’s history have strived to be shining examples of character, citizenship and environmental responsibility. This goal to develop moral fortitude inspires various individuals and organizations to donate time and money to the scout’s mission.

Recently the Turner Foundation in Springfield has funded and remodeled the camp’s facility into a conference center. It will be a multipurpose center, and host such activities as non-alcoholic weddings and team-building retreats for companies. The facelift served to enhance the activity the camp has and continues to generate. There is a 250 Cub Scout camping experience this week, an inner-city youth program during the summer, and as always a healthy amount of Boy and Girl Scouts.

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