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The construction site for the geothermal drilling in the Glen Helen parking lot (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Glen Helen’s geothermal plan

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Construction is under way on the new geothermal heating system for the Glen Helen Building and the Trailside Museum. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (whew!) issued a sizable grant of about $290,000 to Antioch College, amongst other Ohio schools, for environmental education projects.

The closed loop geothermal heating and cooling system will replace the old furnace systems in the buildings. Scientists view geothermal heating as sustainable because the amount of heat used is minuscule compared to the total potential heat stored in the Earth. Its emission intensity (the rate at which it emits pollutants) is also very small compared to conventional fossil fuels such as coal.

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One Response to “Glen Helen’s geothermal plan”

  1. Penelope Ball says:

    It’s wonderful to see wise use of funds going into geothermal heating and cooling. Our firm recommends geothermal on almost every project at this point. It’s the most comfortable, lowest energy consumption, and longest lasting heating and cooling product on the market. Still, there are some naysayers. We have been giving out copies of the Geothermal HVAC book fromm McGraw Hill when poeple don’t seem convinced. It has worked literally every time! Google “Geothermal Book”

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Glen Helen’s geothermal plan

by Aaron Zaremsky