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Gordan Chapman proudly waves a peace symbol at the weekly war protest (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Winter weather does not deter war protestors

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A little cold weather won’t stop the weekend war protestors; nor will eight years. Every Saturday afternoon, for almost a decade now, a group of peaceful protestors have gathered around the intersection of Xenia Ave and E Limestone St to express their beliefs for nonviolence. They carry signs and flags, cheerfully waving at the traffic that drives by.

Hazel Talecke is credited as the founder of the weekly gatherings. The group is diverse in background. Some are Quakers, some are Unitarians and some are Jewish. They all, however, share one thing in common: a philosophy of peace. Most are senior citizens, and a good number are in fact, veterans of war themselves. They have fought in nearly every war since World War II. Some carry sober reminders of war’s terrors. One man has lost his eye in combat; another man his arm.

It is quite likely you will see them again next Saturday from noon until 1 pm. Drive by and give them a honk of support.

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Winter weather does not deter war protestors

by Aaron Zaremsky