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Performing Arts

Josh Seitz and Elliott Cromer enage in zany antics during the YSHS One Acts (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

YSHS One Acts a wild ride

The YSHS One Acts have always been a unique theater experience in our town. The school gives the students an artistic voice to express themselves, and they are free to pour out their creativity. Our schools have always encouraged the arts, but the One Acts are such a specially dynamic venue; producing hilarious, energetic and sometimes shocking material. Indeed, the history of the One Acts is fraught with controversy. When you give high-schoolers freedom of the pen, you’re bound to get some blue humor.

The most recent One Acts were a great success, drawing sizable audiences. Plots ranged from Vikings, to hyperactive kids, to Soviet game shows. The students exhibited a wide breadth of imagination, and did not hold back in their performances. No controversies this time, though some of material may have been PG-13.

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