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Visual Arts

Paparazzo Matt Minde pesters the crowd at the Little Art Theatre's Oscar fundraiser (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

A red carpet affair

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The Academy Awards is arguably the greatest tribute to artistic expression in the world. The raw amount of creative talent that fills that Los Angeles theater for a single night is staggering. The awards show is equally renowned for being a showcase of the highest fashion and latest trends in designer wear.

The Little Art Theatre’s Oscar fundraiser offered a (thankfully) more casually dressed event, with a pajama-party fundraiser hosted at the Arthur Morgan house and the home of Richard Lapedes and Maureen Lynch. Jenny Cowperthwaite and Maureen Lynch organized the event, with the help of numerous people, including catering from Meadowlark Restaurant.

Jenny Cowperthwaite owned the Little Art Theatre until 2009, when she made the business decision to convert the theater into a non-profit. Her hope was that the switch would open up opportunities for fundraisers like the Oscar Night event. Since a non-profit does not have a single owner, she adopted the position as an executive director of the trustees, while Maureen Lynch took up the mantle as the board chair.

The Little Art Theatre has always been a cornerstone of Yellow Springs. This town has produced scores of talented people in the visual arts (including two recent Oscar nominees). In a community that values the arts so highly, an art theater seems only logical.


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One Response to “A red carpet affair”

  1. Maureen Lynch says:

    Thanks for the mention. Here are a few corrections. The Oscar Party was organized by our board member and fundraising chair, Kipra Heermann. Kipra and the fundraising committee plus many additional volunteers did all the work! Jenny is Executive Director of the Little Art Theatre and I am the Chair of our Board of Trustees.
    Maureen Lynch

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A red carpet affair

by Aaron Zaremsky