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A small toad makes some backyard ferns seem gigantic in comparison (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Weekly Wildlife: the backyard

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I did not have to get very far to snap today’s feature wildlife photo. A small toad has decided to call my backyard home for the time being. I for one am glad to host him. You’d be surprised at the variety of species that live in your gardens, yards and even in your home (whether you want them to or not). If you feel like reliving your childhood, it’s quite rewarding to scrounge around in your backyard to see what you can find. Don’t worry, you won’t look too weird doing it.

Gardeners especially know the benefits of being well versed in their backyard critters. Knowing friend from foe is crucial to anyone not wanting a garden bed full of ravaged lettuce. Anyone, though, can learn more about the little micro-ecosystems in their backyard by casual observations. It’s a real treat!

Looking forward to next week’s post.

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One Response to “Weekly Wildlife: the backyard”

  1. Debbie Walton says:

    Aaron, I really enjoy your posts–I’m looking forward to the next one also!!

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Weekly Wildlife: the backyard

by Aaron Zaremsky