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The Glen swallows up a bridge running through it (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Weekly Wildlife: A forested scene

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Why do we revere nature? What is it about the natural world that is so captivating to us? We write poetry about it, make art and compose music about it. It is an integral part of our cultural history and a major component of practically any spiritual practice. So what’s the big deal?

Well for one we live in it. We can’t exactly escape it even if we tried. Scientifically speaking, we are a fixed cog in the many nutrient cycles that make up the ecology of our planet. We breath and eat the same atoms that have been cycling through the biosphere for billions of years.

Humans tend to have an emotional connection with nature as well. We find the many forms of plant and animal life beautiful and fascinating. But with that fascination also comes respect. Nature can also be terrifying, with natural disasters making life miserable for many around the world. Whether it is a positive or negative aspect in people’s lives, it something we will always study academically, artistically and emotionally.

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Weekly Wildlife: A forested scene

by Aaron Zaremsky