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The artful photographs of former Yellow Springs resident Axel Bahnsen elicit feelings and stories, such as this one, “Memento Mori” c. 1937, about the shadows that awaken while we slumber. Many of the photos in Bahnsen’s collection, some of which were published in a book by the Yellow Springs Historical Society in 2010, are now available online at and will soon be for sale. (Photo courtesy of the Bahnsen/Brown family)

Copies of most photos produced by staff of the Yellow Springs News are available for purchase. e-mail ysnews *at* or call 937.767.7373.

2 Responses to “112912_Bahnsen1”

  1. Kristina Teepen Garcia says:

    I would like to get a copy of Momento Mori. I grew up in YSO from 1958 until I went to college in 1976. I’ve got the book, but am hoping to get an actual print of this amazing and surrealistic image.

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