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Mixin' In The Gravy Section :: Page 13

  • BLOG-Growing Up, Going Long

    Spinach Omelet

    My children seem to make their biggest leaps in the freeform meanderings of a family trip.

  • BLOG-Bright Day, Bountiful Picnic

    Picnic plate with lamb kabob, mushrooms, and sweet potato chips

    A family picnic on a sunny Sunday builds our anticipation for Spring’s arrival. Though the early mornings of this week were dark, we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • BLOG-A Great Day for Greens


    Tomorrow we spring forward an hour. Though we lose an hour of sleep, the blessing of our longer days is pleasantly evident in the diversity of greens coming to the local farmers market.

  • BLOG-Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss


    This Saturday was Dr Seuss’s 109th birthday, and, for the special occasion, my daughter’s kindergarden class threw him a fun filled birthday bash.

  • BLOG-Getting to Know Gnocchi

    pasta well

    Rolling gnocchi is the perfect job to keep a five year old entertained on a cabin bound icy morning.

  • BLOG-Churn Rate


    Turns out making butter doesn’t take much more than enthusiasm and a bit of warmth.

  • BLOG-The Sentimental City


    With so many things to do and so many people to do them with, crafting a enduring narrative in the big city can be a challenge.

  • BLOG-Wok About

    A kale  and beet stir fry served on a bed of sliced pear

    This week took me to a distant city and a new experience in stovetop cooking.

  • BLOG-A Tale of Two Chicken Dishes

    sweet Curried Chicken

    Two in the family like simple fare. The other two prefer spicy. One 4 pound chicken splits nicely among them.

  • BLOG-In the Wake of Change


    We might find in the wake of change that there are certain things we can live without and many that we can share happily with others.