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Jim Glover, who has worked with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, shows off his paintings at the latest Glen Nature Arts and Crafts Show (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Admiring nature with brush in hand

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Nature has been the artist’s muse for millennia. From the earliest cave paintings to the cutting edge of digital photography, human beings continue to be awed and inspired by the natural forms and phenomena around them. Artists craft colors, textures and sounds in dozens of mediums, but the emotional power of nature has the ability to tie them all together.

Pam Geisel wants to share that artistic power of nature. Pam is a local artist and longtime volunteer with the Glen. She is the chief organizer for the Glen Nature Arts and Crafts Show, which has met every weekend before Thanksgiving for the past twenty nine years. Almost half of its artists are from within the community, and a great deal of them consider art to be their full-time profession.

There was a wide variety of art and crafts at the latest show with some highly creative entries. There were quilts, glass jewelry with butterfly wings encased inside, stained-glass animals, leaves with birds painted on them, gorgeous nature photographs and a plethora of charming works of art that would make anyone want to grab a brush and head off into the woods to make some of their own.

The event is a juried show, and any artist that wishes to participate must apply. Any artist with a passion for nature should contact the Glen Helen building for more information.

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Admiring nature with brush in hand

by Aaron Zaremsky