2018-19 Guide To Yellow Springs

t h e G u i d e t o Y e l l o w S p r i n g s  2 0 1 8 - 1 9 Y e l l o w S p r i n g s N e w s What is Antioch College Antioch College is a new kind of college dedicated to a rigorous education that is grounded in shared humanity with experiential learning at its very core. Herestudentsplan,create,andowntheir education. Antioch College prepares students for personal responsibility in advancing positive change in our communities, our country, and our world. OWN YOUR EDUCATION MORE THAN A COLLEGE IT’S A CAUSE WINNING VICTORIES FOR HUMANITY SINCE 1850 How our community achieves its mission Antioch College’s staff and students are engaged in a process to realize an advanced curriculum. A vital element in the curriculum is experiential learning which starts with students’ participation in designing their own curriculum and culminates in the well- known and respected Cooperative Educationprogram.TheCo-opprogram, also known aswork-integrated learning, is a structured method of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience designed to help students make a smooth and successful school-to-work transition. Why Antioch College Built on a model of shared governance, an emphasis on social justice, and a culture of inclusion and acceptance, Antioch College is winning victories for humanity. As a creative community, our students, faculty and staff demon- strate leading-edge thinking and pioneering policies that truly change lives. Our students, faculty, and staff believe that Antioch is more than an in- stitution; it’s a cause. We stand for ex- ceptional education, and, importantly, for improving lives, bettering our com- munity, living sustainably, and effecting real and positive change in our society. “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” –Horace Mann, First President of Antioch College One Morgan Place Yellow Springs, OH 45378 admission@antiochcollege.edu 937-319-6082 AntiochCollege.edu /antiochcollege @antiochcollege @antiochcollege