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Yellow Springs Public Notices

Street Repaving

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Notice is hereby given that, within the next two weeks, work will commence on the annual re-paving program in the Village of Yellow Springs.  The work will consist of milling at least two inches of the existing surface and repaving with new asphalt. The contractor, The John R. Jurgensen Co., will post notices of parking restrictions street-by-street at least twenty-four hours in advance of any work.

The following street segments will be re-paved this year:

• Birch St. from Glen View Rd. to Corry St.
• Corry St. from Hyde Rd. to #1340
• E. South College St. from Xenia Ave. to Livermore St.
• Glen View Rd. from President St. to Corry St.
• Marshall St. from Xenia Ave. to Livermore St.
• President St. from East Limestone St. to East Whiteman St.
• North Winter St. from Dayton St. to Union St.

Questions or concerns should be addressed to:
Ed Amrhein, Planning Assistant


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Street Repaving

by YS News Staff