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Articles About New Year's Eve

  • What inspired you in 2021?

    The annual tradition of polling YS News readers for meditations on a query has always tread a certain patch of earth. At the end of every year, we’re looking for a snapshot of your life — what made it better, worse, stranger, stronger.

  • Continued coverage— Yellow Springs police chief resigns

    On Wednesday, Aug. 18, the Village of Yellow Springs announced in a press release that Yellow Springs Police Chief Brian Carlson had resigned.

  • YS Dharma Center to host NYE world peace meditation

    The Yellow Springs Dharma Center is “inviting the possibility of Enlightenment for all beings in the year 2020” with a New Year’s Eve World Peace Meditation.

  • Grinning from year to year

    While technically not a baby, 21-month-old Jack Rudegeair, ball-drop-master Lance’s grandson, got the opportunity to touch the enchanting New Year’s sphere just after midnight, held aloft by his father, Shawn. (Photo by Matt Minde)

    In spite of single-digit temperatures, 2018 received a fine ­Yellow Springs welcome of cheering crowds.

  • David Carlson’s charges from New Years incident reduced

    Last Friday, April 14, David Carlson’s charges stemming from the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop incident in Yellow Springs were reduced to misdemeanors, from the original fifth-degree felony.

  • Case against David Carlson is still active

    One of the two criminal cases stemming from the tensions between police and villagers on New Year’s Eve remains active, although Village Council members have intervened and asked the Greene County prosecutor to drop the charges.

  • New Year’s Eve investigation costs rising

    At their Feb. 21 meeting, Village Council members addressed a recent invoice submitted by Dayton Attorney David Williamson, who is conducting the independent investigation into the New Year’s Eve incident that pitted local police against citizens.

  • New Year’s Eve investigation still incomplete

    Several villagers expressed frustration at a special Council meeting when Dayton attorney David Williamson, who is conducting the investigation, reported that the report is not yet complete.

  • New Year’s Eve investigation not yet complete

    At a special meeting tonight called to hear the final report of an independent investigation into the New Year's Eve Ball Drop tensions between villagers and police, shown above, Investigator David Williamson said the investigation is not yet finished. (Submitted photo by Margaret Kinner Fisher)

    At a special Council meeting called to present the final report of the independent investigation into the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop incident, investigator David Williamson said the report is not yet finished.

  • Peaceful ball drop turns ugly

    Police from at least six municipalities and agencies joined Yellow Springs police in a presence downtown on the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop that many villagers found hostile and aggressive. (Photo courtesy of Margaret Kinner Fischer)

    Lance Rudegeair had dropped the New Year’s ball at 12 a.m., and was still up on the ladder when the police car lights began flashing. Then came the sirens. It was 12:08 a.m. The sound was deafening.

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