2021 Merch

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  • Street smarts

    The YSHS Class of 2021 followed in the tire treads of last year’s graduates with a motor parade through the village before commencement exercises Thursday, May 27.

  • Wink on the wing

    An eastern screech owl seemed to be in on a little private joke with photographer Kathleen Galarza, who spotted the raptor across the street from the Yellow Springs Methodist Church last week.

  • Street art

    This spring, Mills Lawn School sixth graders continued an annual tradition — after a break last year — of painting a car. The “art car” tradition dates back to 2008, and for many of the years, the cars lent to the project have been one of Joe Ayers’ Toyota Camrys, as it is this year.

  • High spirits

    On Saturday, May 1, Tuck-N-Red’s Spirits & Wine had its grand opening under bright and sunny skies.

  • Come along now, Ryan…

    Local photographer Kathleen Galarza spotted a Canada goose and her fluffy charge in John Bryan State Park on Friday, April 30.

  • Down to earth

    On Sunday, April 25, the villagewide Earth Week series of events came to a celebratory crescendo at the new Miami Township Fire-Rescue firehouse on the south end of town.

  • ‘S no joke

    Like much of Ohio, Yellow Springs was blanked with several inches of the fluffy white stuff, with more expected and colder temperatures to follow.

  • Flying saucer

    Nora Bongorno, front, Andorra Roberts and Hannah Parker sped down Gaunt Park hill as nature provided excellent sledding conditions on a not-too-cold Tuesday afternoon.

  • The powers that tree

    On the cold snowy evening of Dec. 1, Village leaders and a handful of onlookers gathered in the usual area to light the village holiday tree with strands of colorful lights.

  • Still as Glass

    Local photographer James Luckett captured the Glass Farm wetland at sunset on Sunday, Nov. 8. The eight-acre wetland, created by the Village from a detention basin, attracts wildlife and villagers alike. Ohio has lost 90% of its original wetlands.