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  • Annual Solstice Poetry Reading set

    Now in its 12th year, the Solstice Poetry Reading, presented by Tecumseh Land Trust, or TLT, and Glen Helen, will be Friday, Dec. 8, 7–9 p.m., at the Glen’s Vernet Ecology Center, 405 Corry St.

  • Emergent Verse | Private matters

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    Readers may remember Audrey Hackett as not only a former reporter for the Yellow Springs News, but also the writer of “First Lines,” a poetry column she penned for a couple of years.

  • Emergent Verse | Young poet crafts mature verse

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    Sometimes imagery, structure, rhythm, language and theme come together in a perfectly delightful combination, making a poem seem not so much composed as received.

  • Emergent Verse | Song of Herself

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    I wonder whether Walt Whitman’s timeless lines above from “Song of Myself” were stewing in Nancy Mellon’s mind, or unconscious, when she composed her poem.

  • Local poets published in anthology

    The Glen Helen Association and Tecumseh Land Trust recently released “Sun and Shadow, Wood and Stone,” an anthology of poems by 61 local and regional wordsmiths who’ve read at the annual Solstice Poetry Reading over the past decade.

  • Emergent Verse | A poetry workshop

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    “Poet and Yellow Springs resident Maggie Dean has kindly let me use her wonderful poem “Mental Math” to demonstrate some aspects of poetic craft I’ve learned over the years.”

  • Emergent Verse | LIVE at the Epic!

    What if you could sit outside on a fall evening, close your eyes and savor poetry and poetic prose composed and performed by talented pairs of (mostly) villagers? Well, thanks to the ambitious vision of Gail Lichtenfels, owner/operator of Epic Book Shop, 232 Xenia Ave., you can.

  • Emergent Verse | Sensuality of loss

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    “I like to keep an open mind and see if poets can work naturally within their chosen forms so that nothing feels stiff or manipulated, the rhymes unpredictable, the whole pleasing and surprising, yielding a complete meal for the mind and senses.”

  • Emergent Verse | Bending time, form, convention

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    As intricately executed as Ravndal’s use of the villanelle form is, it was actually tone that first attracted me.

  • Emergent Verse | The quiet work of the heart

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    “With ‘Concert for my Mother,’ Larry Hussman transitions from writing primarily nature poetry into the realm of confessional verse. The result is a deeply affecting and well-crafted narrative poem.”


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