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Friends Care resident Marilynn Birch, 99, was vaccinated at the center on Jan. 8. A total of 60 of 70 residents and more than half of the staff received their first dose that day. (Submitted photos)

Friends Care resident Marilynn Birch, 99, was vaccinated at the center on Jan. 8. A total of 60 of 70 residents and more than half of the staff received their first dose that day. (Submitted photos)

COVID-19 update— Older residents next for vaccination

On Friday, Jan. 8, Friends Care Community celebrated the arrival of pharmacy staff from CVS, there to administer the first round of COVID-19 vaccines.

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DeWine outlines vaccine distribution plan

Ohio is about 10 days away from receiving its first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines. Frontline health care workers, emergency medical personnel and residents and staff at nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other congregate living settings will be the first recipients of the vaccine.

Local COVID-19 response— Village steps up enforcement

As the third wave of the coronavirus rages through the state and county, the Village of Yellow Springs is cracking down on behaviors that could further spread COVID-19 in town.

Protest held outside Gov. DeWine home

On Friday, Nov. 20, nearly 200 demonstrators gathered outside Gov. Mike DeWine’s home in Cedarville Township to protest his and the Ohio Department of Health’s COVID-19-related mandates, including the statewide mask order and the 10 p.m. curfew.

COVID-19 contact tracing— More cases, more contacts

The local health department’s contact tracing team now includes nine people, including employees from the Ohio Department of Health, part of the state’s scaled-up contact tracing workforce.

New state order: businesses must enforce mask wearing

The governor on Nov. 11 issued a revised mask order for businesses in Ohio with a penalty for non-compliance, as well as indicating that the state would shut down restaurants, bars and fitness centers if COVID-19 spread doesn’t improve by the end of next week.

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Village Schools (archives)

  •   COVID-19 vaccines for school staff tied to March 1 reopening

    Yellow Springs Schools Superintendent Terri Holden says the district will agree to Gov. Mike DeWine's stipulation that students return to in-person classes, at least part time, by March 1, in order to receive COVID-19 vaccinations for teachers and staff beginning the first week in February.

  •   2020 Year in Review: Village Schools

    Calendar year 2020 began and ended with Yellow Springs school district leaders discussing identified structural needs in the local school buildings and how to address them, but the majority of the year was occupied by the district’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  •   YS Schools— Board OKs hybrid transition plan

    Yellow Springs school district leaders are making plans for students to return to in-person classes, but exactly when that will be is uncertain.

Economy (archives)

  •   2020 Year in Review: Business

    2020 ushered in countless difficulties for the many small businesses that populate Yellow Springs. Restaurants endured challenges of meeting public health standards amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and shops had to cope with a decline in sales.

  •   Miguel’s moves into future brewpub

    On Black Friday, Nov. 27, Espinosa and a team of his employees cut the ribbon to the location of Espinosa’s new culinary digs: 101 Corry St., the future home as well of Trail Town Brewing.

  •   H&H Studios is here for hair and body

    Holihan and Quigley held the grand opening for their new hair salon and massage parlor, H&H Studios — so named for “Heidi” and “Holihan” — on Oct. 24.

Village Life (archives)

  •   2020 Year in Review: Feature Stories

    2020 was anything but ordinary. This year's feature stories mostly covered all of the unique ways villagers coped with — and still managed to thrive despite — the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  •   2020 Year in Review: Top Stories

    2020 was an eventful and newsworthy year — especially in Yellow Springs. Villagers weathered the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, witnessed the transfer of ownership of Glen Helen, endured a stressful and unique election season and so much more.

  •   Amid pandemic, Friends Care Community’s ho-ho-holidays

    The holidays are festive, if lower-key, at Friends Care Community this year. Visitation has been restricted at the facility since March.

Government (archives)

  •   Rumpke now accepting some #5 plastics

    Rumpke will now accept some #5 plastics — in the form of tubs and fruit and yogurt cups — for recycling.Beginning this month, villagers can divert a few more items away from their trash cans: Along with the previously accepted plastic items like bottles and jugs, Yellow Springs residents can now fill their recycling bins with fruit and yogurt cups and butter, sour cream, cottage cheese and whipped topping tubs.

  •   2020 Year in Review: Miami Township

    In March, a five-year levy was renewed for Miami Township Fire-Rescue; the department took occupancy of a new firehouse in September.

  •   2020 Year in Review: Yellow Springs Development Corporation

    The Yellow Springs Development Corporation, or YSDC, is a quasi-governmental, nonprofit corporation that has been designated by the Village of Yellow Springs and Miami Township as their official Community Improvement Corporation, or CIC.

Obituaries (archives)

  •   Robert J. Parks

    Robert J. Parks, of Yellow Springs, passed away on Dec. 31, 2020. He was 64.

  •   Charles W. Benning

    Charles W. Benning of Yellow Springs, Ohio, passed away on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2021. He was 97.

  •   Michael Collins Cronin

    Michael Collins Cronin passed away on Jan. 5, 2021, at his home on Merrion St. Upper, Dublin, Ireland. He was 91.

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