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Articles About Yellow Springs School Board

  • Miami Township Board of Trustees address levy communication

    The letter from the school board expresses disappointment that plans for the levy were not shared or discussed with the school district and Village government before action was taken.

  • School board OKs negotiations with MPA

    At its regular meeting on Thursday, June 16, the YS Board of Education unanimously approved moving forward on negotiations with a maintenance plan advisor, or MPA.

  • District looks to hire student advocate

    The YS Board of Education held a special meeting Tuesday, May 31, in order to approve some time-sensitive actions, including the job description for a new student advocate to be hired for the district. The position as described was unanimously approved by the four board members who voted.

  • School Facilities Committee assesses issues

    Among the issues identified by building users, the largest concerns discussed at the meeting were heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, systems and air quality; bathrooms; and safety and security.

  • YS Schools Facilities Committee begins

    At its first meeting on Thursday, April 7, the YS Schools Facilities Committee, recently formed by the school board, focused on clarifying its purpose and dividing tasks between its members to work toward that purpose.

  • HB 126 could impact school tax revenue

    A bill passed earlier this month by both the Ohio House and Senate is on track to impact the ways school districts are able to collect tax revenues — including in Yellow Springs.

  • School board hears Greenspace plan

    A local group seeking to preserve about five undeveloped acres on the western side of the Mills Lawn Elementary School property presented a land conservation proposal earlier this month to the Yellow Springs school board.

  • School board approves facilities committee

    The board’s new plan involves forming a committee that will explore the costs and ramifications of a phased, permanent-improvement plan to repair and upgrade the district’s buildings, compared with the costs and considerations associated with new or partial construction.

  • New school board makeup expected to bring changes

    After more than a decade, when changes in school board makeup occurred mostly one new member at a time, amid the constancy of veteran office holders serving multiple terms and carrying over familiar approaches, newcomers are in the super-majority as 2022 begins.

  • New school board members take seats

    The Yellow Springs school board’s annual organizational meeting, conducted in the Mills Lawn gym on Thursday, Jan. 13, began with the swearing in of its three newest members: Dorothée Bouquet, Judith Hempfling and Amy Magnus.

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