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A Irish session band held court at Ye Olde Trail Tavern on Saturday, March 12. Playing were Kenton Domer-Shank on accordion, Patrick Foose on banjo, Ken Beer on fiddle, Parker Buckley on mandolin and Tim Daugherty on the anglo concertina. (Photo by Reilly Dixon)

Playin’ o’er a pint

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On Saturday, March 12, villagers and visitors alike braved the snowy conditions and painted Yellow Springs green.

A village-wide pub crawl brought St. Patrick’s Day revelers to watering holes, shops and and eateries for specials and shenanigans. 

At Ye Olde Trail Tavern, an Irish session band played in front of a roaring hearth.

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One Response to “Playin’ o’er a pint”

  1. Wee Willy McCallister says:

    Thanks, but I’m not Irish enough to toss my sobriety for one day. I crawled getting sober before I found the stairs.

    That said, here is pretty good summation of why folk drink on St. Paddy’s Day.,become%20synonymous%20with%20the%20holiday

    REMEMBER: Don’t Drink And Drive!

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