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Articles About Yellow Springs Police Department

  • Local doctor under investigation, license suspended

    Investigators from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office arrived Thursday, Jan. 20, at the Dayton Street medical office of Dr. Donald Gronbeck, Yellow Springs Primary Care, to execute a search warrant. An ongoing investigation of Gronbeck is related to allegations of sexual misconduct. (Photo by Jessica Thomas)

    The State Medical Board of Ohio suspended the medical license of Dr.Donald Gronbeck, of Yellow Springs Primary Care, on Wednesday, Jan. 19. Investigators arrived Thursday, Jan. 20, at his Dayton Street medical office to execute a search warrant.

  • Sgt. Paige Burge named acting chief of YSPD

    Village Manager Josué Salmerón has named recently promoted Sgt. Paige Burge as acting chief of the Yellow Springs Police Department until a new full-time chief is appointed. 

  • Villagers give feedback on citizen review board

    In their regular meeting on Monday, Oct. 18, Council members dedicated time to hear public feedback on their Oct. 4 meeting with Larry James, the attorney Council hired to review the proposal for a citizen review board, or CRB.

  • Mills Lawn students bid farewell to Chief Carlson

    Carlson, who has been with the Yellow Springs Police Department for 12 years — five of those as chief — is leaving the force in November.

  • Village Council establishes strategy for chief search

    Village Manager Josué Salmerón updated Council members with a timeline and process for hiring a new chief for the YSPD. Carlson, who submitted his resignation last month, agreed to stay for 90 days to help with the transition.

  • Continued coverage— Yellow Springs police chief resigns

    On Wednesday, Aug. 18, the Village of Yellow Springs announced in a press release that Yellow Springs Police Chief Brian Carlson had resigned.

  • Yellow Springs police chief resigns

    Yellow Springs Police Chief Brian Carlson had resigned, effective immediately.

  • Yellow Springs Village Council approves 2021 budget

    At Village Council’s final meeting of 2020, Council unanimously passed a budget for the new year calling for spending increases amid falling revenues. The deficit budget, the Village’s first in four years, includes $4.23 million in expenses while projecting revenue of $3.27 million.

  • Outside investigation complete— Officer violated no policies

    Yellow Springs Police Officer Dave Meister was presented with a commendation for exceptional service in the line of duty. (News archive photo by Lauren Heaton)

    At issue was whether YSPD Officer Dave Meister violated Village policy and state law by allegedly telling a citizen that a fellow officer, Paige Burge, referred to some attendees of the weekly Black Lives Matter rallies as an “angry mob.”

  • Virus impact grows in Yellow Springs

    Three local businesses are closing for the winter during what their owners expect to be a grim few months of the pandemic. Whether other seasonal closures will follow in Yellow Springs remains to be seen.

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