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Photo by Reilly Dixon

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Last week, local muralist Pierre Nagley made the first brush strokes on his newest public work: a massive mural in honor of the late villager Marco Comegys, who died unexpectedly in a fatal motorcycle accident earlier this year.

Covering the second-story, northern side of the building shared by Ohio Silver Co. and Little Art Theatre, the mural depicts Comegys in two ways: atop a horse riding into the sunset and close-up, showing Comegys’ famous cheshire grin. To the right is a geometric mandala containing intersecting airplanes — a nod to Comegys’ love for aviation, Nagley told the News.

Shown above, the muralist sat atop some precarious scaffolding on the Unfinished Creations building during one of the hottest afternoons of the week.

According to Nagley, work on the mural is ongoing.


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