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Articles About small business

  • Aerolieff Aviation takes flight over Yellow Springs

    One of just a handful of flight-training companies in the Dayton regional area, and headquartered five miles north of Yellow Springs, Aerolieff offers instruction for wannabe pilots with aspirations of all kinds: private flying, commercial careers, military ambitions and more.

  • New in Yellow Springs — In Salon’s downtown ‘dos

    In Salon — short for the business’ tagline, “Inclusivity, Independence and Inspiration” — is now located at 120 Dayton St. and, in addition to offering salon services, will also feature a small boutique.

  • Royal Prevail brings fresh ink to Yellow Springs

    Royal Prevail Tattoo — a sister shop to one of the same name in Fairborn — officially opened last week and is taking new clients.

  • A bright future for Village Solar

    Launched in 2020 by village resident and former Antioch College student Alex Rolland, with the mission to provide sustainable and reliable solar power to area residents and businesses, Village Solar has grown significantly since its inception.

  • A Myriad of handmade art and clothing

    Myriad, located at 108 Dayton St., is one of downtown Yellow Springs’ newest shops. Owned by local resident Colette Palamar, Myriad sells eclectic art, clothing, jewelry and more.

  • Poke Island under new ownership

    Jessica Alt, a 1987 graduate of Yellow Springs High School whose family lives in the village, completed the purchase of the restaurant, renamed Jessica’s Poke Island, at 135 Dayton St. last month.

  • Omnibus: collectibles on the corner

    Since opening her eclectic knickknack store on May 5, new village resident Jessica McGee said this year’s tourist season has really helped the new business.

  • Rain Brothers moves to Yellow Springs

    Rain Brothers, focused on harvesting rainwater for both residential and commercial enterprises for 17 years, relocated to Yellow Springs in 2022 and is housed in the former Sound Space building on Dayton Street.

  • Global flavors at MAZU restaurant

    Officially opening Friday, March 24, at 11 a.m., MAZU features a menu without borders, a menu influenced by Taiwanese, Israeli and South Indian culture, reflecting the cultural backgrounds of the three owners

  • New cannabis store opens in downtown Yellow Springs

    After years of learning about CBD, its medicinal effects and the business side of the industry, Shane Ayrsman and his wife Sarah DeVore recently opened Tweedle D’s on Xenia Avenue, in the heart of downtown Yellow Springs.

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