Submit your business in the 2023-24 Yellow Springs Community Direcory, aka the Redbook Submit your business in the 2023-24 Yellow Springs Community Direcory, aka the Redbook Image Map
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Advertise with the News

The Yellow Springs News is a 135+-year-old weekly newspaper that reaches over 1,600 households in Yellow Springs, Greene County, Miami Valley, and points beyond. The success of the paper is due to its strategy of maintaining an exclusively local focus by addressing the needs and issues of the community which supports it. 

The News website accommodates many different forms of advertising, including display, classifieds, and a business and professional listing. All advertising on the web can be easily linked to direct potential customers to your own website or email.

You can also pay online at by credit card via Converge (US Bank partner). Contact us for further details at or by calling 937-767-7373, Monday–Wednesday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m.–3 p.m., EST.

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View or download a PDF of our rate sheet
All the advertising options and rate information at a glance.
View or download a PDF of some sample ad sizes and pricing
Find a rate quickly: view or download a PDF of a column-inch pricing chart
Click here for ad specifications


A variety of contract rates are available for display advertising in the Yellow Springs News, as is a Directory of Business and Professional Services. For more information, call Tim Walker at the Yellow Springs News, 937-767-7373 or e-mail

Submitting a “print-ready” display ad to the News
If you or your designer wish to submit a print-ready ad, please check our specifications and templates. The News can accept files in the following formats: Adobe Acrobat (PDF preferred), Adobe InDesign Files (CS4), Adobe Photoshop (JPEG, TIF, PNG), and Adobe Illustrator (CS4).

Click here for specifications and templates.


View a sample edition of the News here.



Large Ad (170px X 425px; appox. 2.36in X 5.9 in), $44/week;
Medium Ad (170px X 275px; appox. 2.36in X 3.8 in), $33/week;
Small Ad (170px X 150px; appox. 2.36 in X 2 in), $22/week.

Banner Ad* (728px X 90px; appox. 4.8 in X 0.6 in), $85/week.

Inline, all posts** (170px X 70px; appox. 2.36 in X 1.8 in), $85/week.

Based on 3 month placement. Ad copy can change weekly. Full color with links to your website. Placement will change periodically. Random rotation per click with up to three other businesses. Ads appear on every page.

*Banner ads appear across the top of every page.
**Inline ads appear after the third or fourth paragraph of each post.

NEW! YS News E-Newsletter
The YS News e-newsletter is published weekly and sent out to over 7,500 email addresses. It’s a redux of the current issue, with links to photo galleries, sports and recreation, the weekly online calendar, and special online web features. 

Newsletter ad (450px X 250px; appox. 6.25in X 3.5 in), $44/week; 
• Newsletter sponsorship: $150/month (4 weeks); includes your logo, a line-item mention and description of your business, as well as contact information and links.

Contract advertising: Discounts are available for web or newsletter advertising when combined with display ads. For more information, call Tim Walker at the Yellow Springs News, 937-767-7373 or email



Medium Ad (450px X 250px; appox. 3in X 1.6 in), $33/week;

Based on a one-time placement. Full color with links to your website.

Contract advertising: Discounts are available for web or newsletter advertising when combined with display ads. For more information, call Tim Walker at the Yellow Springs News, 937-767-7373 or email


A newspaper insert is an economical way to get your pre-printed piece into the hands of News readers. Insertion rates are based on distribution:

Greene County only (1,550): $195.00 ;
Greene, Clark & Montgomery Counties (1,650): $205.00 ;
Total circulation (1,750): $215.00

We ask that inserts are paid for the day they are dropped off and you bring in at least 100 pieces over the insertion amount; we will save the unused inserts for you. Also, if you wish, you can come to our office the Thursday of the week following your insertion, and retrieve your insert from unsold, returned newspapers. Please note: Unless otherwise notified, the News cannot be held responsible for inserts left beyond the week they are scheduled for insertion.


We offer design services for flier production, from concept to printing, as well as basic reconfiguration of display ads into fliers.

One-sided, black-and-white: $145
Two-sided, black-and-white: $195

Printing is optional; costs depend on quantity, size and paper type.

Custom Design Options
If you need more in-depth design work, such as a logo or assistance with writing copy, YSN Design can work with you for additional charges. Rates vary depending on the project.

Reconfiguring an Existing Ad
YSN Design can reconfigure your display ad to fit a standard flyer or small poster.

Resizing: $25; this assumes ad will reasonably scale to larger desired format. Additional fees may apply for more complex reconfigurations.
Edits to existing ad copy: $25; this assumes copy changes will fit with reasonable adjustment to new format. Additional fees may apply for more complex edits or additions.
Color: $55; this assumes materials to reconfigure ad in color exist, at print quality. Additional fees may apply for more complex color manipulations or corrections.


CLASSIFIEDS (back to top)
Weekly Rate: $6, up to 20 words; additional words 10¢ each. A $1 discount is given for subsequent insertions of the same ad with no changes.

Classifieds on the Web: Classified ads in the Yellow Springs News can be included on the News website,, for an additional $1 per week.

Billing Charge: $1 charge each time an ad is billed. Classified ads are billed one week after the first insertion if payment has not been made. Bills are sent at two-week intervals thereafter.

Free Ads: No charge for one insertion — up to 20 words — of found ads, ride sharing ads, card of thanks or free offers. Free ads also include web placement for 1 week.

Photo in your classified ad: $10 extra per week, 1 inch by 2.4 inches in print (black & white), and online (in color). Click here for details and samples.

Placing Your Ad: Phone (937) 767-7373, stop in at the News office, or email your ad to
Copy Deadline is 5 p.m., Monday. No exceptions.

View the YS News classifieds online here.


The Yellow Springs News Directory of businesses and professionals has been a low-cost way to advertise for over 30 years. Listings appear in the newspaper as well as on the web, which offers an active link to either your website or email.

• A Standard 12-word listing is $42.50 for three months
• A Bold 20-word listing is $57.50 for three months
• Extra words, 25¢ per word.
• A listing may be included under more than one heading for an extra charge.

View the YS News Business & Professional Listings online here.



We will be happy to discuss your advertising needs. For pricing and information about advertising on our website or in the printed newspaper, please call Tim Walker at (937) 767-7373, or email us at

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