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    Classified ad submissions

    You can use this form to submit a classified ad to the News. To return to the Yellow Springs News classifieds, please click here.

    For all other submissions, please click here.

    Classified ad rates
      • Standard rate: $6/week first week, $5/subsequent weeks for up to 20 words; 10¢ for each additional word.
      • Ongoing rate: $5/wk. for extended run of same ad (billed monthly).
      • Web: $1/week extra
      • New! Photo: $10 extra per week, 1 inch by 2.4 inches in print (black & white questionmark_15x15px ), and online (in color questionmark_15x15px ).
    Our classified ad system will count up the number of words in your ad, and we will contact you with the total due. Classified ads for free or found items run one time without charge. We request that first-time advertisers prepay. With your submission, please include: 1. A Category you would like your ad to run under; 2 How many weeks you would like your ad to run; 3. Whether you would like to run your ad on the web (additional $1/wk.), posted 5 a.m. Thursday Please note that all fields are required. For more information or assistance, call 937.767.7373.
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  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif.
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