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Welcome to the Yellow Springs News search page

Looking for something? This page is designed to help you find articles that the News has made available online. This includes features from the print edition, from the web and content from the News site dating back to 2002. Below are different ways to search the News website.

Google custom site search

Enter your search in the field below. To clear a search term or search results, click on the gray “X” to the right of the “Search” button. You may have to wait a few seconds for the search field to load.

Search the online News archvies

• 2010 to present: select a month from the pull-down menu. Note the list is very long, and you may have to wait to scroll to older dates.


• Find pre-2010 material: Although the above searches will retrieve articles from the entire electronic online, the link below will display the archive page from our old Web site, and can be useful in searching for specific dates.

Go to the pre-2010 Yellow Springs News Web site archives page.

Search via the tag clouds below

The box below displays the most common terms associated with a Group (e.g., “Ohio EPA”), an Event (e.g., “One Act Plays”), or a Theme (i.e., “retirement”). Click on any one of the tabs to display the terms.

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