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At the stroke of midnights, Lance Rudegaire dropped the village into 2024. (Photo by Matt Minde)

Having a ball

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Locals again flooded the streets on Dec. 31, 2023 — New Year’s Eve — to anticipate, and then celebrate, the arrival of 2024.

As is tradition, local resident Lance Rudegeair hoisted high over Short Street a string-light-covered disco ball, which dropped to the ground as revelers counted down the final remaining seconds of the old year, bidding it adieu.

In the new year’s first moments, bottles were popped, smooches shared and cheers rang out from downtown Yellow Springs.

2024 mantras, mottos and maxims

Over the last few weeks, we asked readers, and News staff, to share their mantras, mottos or maxims for 2024 — words to live by as we all make our way into and through another year. Below are the responses we received — some with context, and many without. We hope, as 2024 proceeds in earnest, that the words of your friends and neighbors will inspire you, just as they have inspired us. —YS News Staff

2023 was a year of great loss for my family. This made me realize how short life is and how important it is to take care of yourself and focus on the things that are important to you. I’m going to go into 2024 taking better care of my mind, body and spirit.
—Brittnee Lydy

The universe has my back.
—Barbara White

Democracy needs all of us more than ever. In 2024, I will work to end gerrymandering, stop fascism and promote democratic values.
—Laura Curliss

2024: A text-based year.
—Matt Walker

Today them, tomorrow me.
—Tony Benac

Scatter joy.
—Daria Schaffnit

Strive to be curious, not furious.
—JohnPaul Jones

You are in this moment, exactly where you need to be. I have chronic pain and anxiety. In order to cope, I paint. Painting places me in the moment. When painting, everything melts away: the regrets of the past, the anxieties of the future, and the pain in the present subsidies as I focus on the painting in front of me. In order to paint well I have to let go of the spinning negative thoughts telling me that I should not be sitting here painting — that I cannot create great work — that I am going to fail. Floating in the moment with my work I realize I am where I need to be and I am at peace, and that’s when my best work flows out of me.
—Rae Hall

Legalize apartments,
Legalize duplexes,
Legalize ADUs,
No minimums, no maximums:
End Yellow Springs housing crisis.
—Matt Raska

—Don Hollister

Make. Do. Make do.
—Reilly Dixon

Sapere aude (dare to be wise).
—Cyndi Pauwels

Nothing matters; smile anyway.
—Alice Little-Luebke

Enjoy it while it lasts.
—Leslie Groby

Stolen from objectively the best movie of the last couple of years. I keep failing at this — but I keep trying, too: “I don’t know what the heck is going on. The only thing I do know is that we have to be kind. Please, be kind. Especially when we don’t know what’s going on.”
Lauren “Chuck” Shows

Peace, calm, kindness.
—Yvonne Wingard

Your dogs’ gut instincts about people are always better than yours; listen to them.
—Eliza Minde-Berman

Remember what you live for.
—Pam Nicodemus

If it’s getting difficult, lean in harder.
—Christine Monroe-Beard

Better, more, ’24!
—Jim Johnson

“Shift” or “leap.” TBD!
—Kim Benac

Just ask; it almost never  hurts…
—Matt Minde

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