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(Photo by Reilly Dixon)

The whaling wall

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Local artist Pierre Nagley is making his mark on yet another wall in Kieth’s Alley — this time on the side of Unfinished Creations. Employing deep ceruleans, aquamarine azures and broody indigos, Nagley is adorning his newest mural with a pod of humpback whales drifting through an ocean scene. Nagley told the News he has been listening to whale songs while working; as of Monday, Oct. 11, he reported having listened to “well over eight hours” of whale songs. He said he wants passersby to do the same “to get the full effect.”

At the time of the photo, Nagley had not yet settled on a title for the mural, but he said that strong contenders were “Whale, Whale, Whale…” and “The Whaling Wall.”

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