Yellow Springs Public Notices

Public Hearing


Notice is hereby given that:
Tony Frabotta and Heather Sage have requested that a variance for which they previously applied, in order to build a garage on their property at 375 W. North College St., be taken off the table and re-considered. As a parcel within the Littlewood P.U.D. subdivision, their property is subject to a 27-foot perimeter setback requirement, as filed with the Greene County Recorder. As proposed, the new garage would be 15.5 feet from the perimeter property line at the nearest point. The Greene County Parcel I.D. # is F19000100040004600

Notice is also hereby given that:
Charles Crabill, acting on behalf of property owner Ted Woolley, has requested a special exception to the side-yard setback requirement
in order to construct an addition to the existing garage at Mr. Woolley’s property at 125 West Whiteman St. The existing garage is a non-conforming structure, as it encroaches into the side-yard setback specified for the Zoning District “Residence-B”. The proposed addition to the garage would extend that non-conformity, and cannot therefore be approved administratively. Applicable Code citations
are 1278.03(b)(1)(B)(3), 1266.07(c) & (d) and 1242.06(e)(1)(D). The Greene County Parcel I.D. # is F19000100090008900

DATE: Wednesday, July 20, 2011
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Council Chambers,
2nd floor, Bryan Center, 100
Dayton Street, Yellow Springs,
OH 45387
This notice provides you and every other interested party the opportunity to appear or have input at the hearing. You may come in person
or have someone appear on your behalf. You may express your views in writing by providing a copy to the Clerk of Council for inclusion in the record of the hearing. The applications, as prepared by the petitioners, may be examined at the office of the Village Planner on the 2nd floor of the Bryan Community Center, 100 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. Questions regarding the applications, zoning code or procedures may be directed to the Village Planner at the same address, or by calling 937-767-3702.

Ed Amrhein
Planning Assistant


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