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Request for village water conservation is extended


UPDATE Sunday, Aug. 11: At 2 p.m. Village Manager Laura Curliss issued a ban on the use of water from the public water system for lawn watering and car washing. The ban is in effect due to ongoing well pump repairs and will be in effect until further notice.

UPDATE Saturday, Aug. 10: A second HyperReach alert transmission was put out to villagers this morning, extending the request to conserve water. The repairs on the Village’s water pumps are continuing, and if the demand for water is too great, the village may have to draw water reserves from the water towers.  

Village Manager Laura Curliss authorized a HyperReach alert transmission Thursday afternoon, requesting Yellow Springs residents conserve water.

Due to repairs being performed on two of the village’s water pumps, it is requested that all community members be conservative with their water usage until further notice.

Questions may be directed to the Village of Yellow Springs at 767-3402.


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