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Notice is hereby given that:

The following properties in the Village are scheduled for a public hearing with the Yellow Springs Planning Commission;

1) Antioch College – Conditional Use Application for a solar array field –-Corry Street – (Educational Institution District). Reggie Stratton, representing Antioch College has submitted a conditional use application for the purpose of developing a private solar array field within the Village of Yellow Springs. The property, owned by Antioch College, is located west of Corry Street, south and north of the undeveloped Herman Street right-of-way and north of Allen Street. The solar array field will cover approximately five (5) acres and involve two Greene County Parcels; ID #F19000100140005700 and Parcel ID; #F19000100150002300 containing 42.795 acres and 32.335 acres, respectively. Applicable
Yellow Springs Zoning Code sections are: Sec.1246.02 (Table) and Sec. 1246.03.

2) Vitruvian Brewing Company – Conditional Use Application for retail sales – 305 N. Walnut Street, Suite C – (I-1 Business Park District) – William Creepingbear of Vitruvian Brewing Company, with acknowledgement of the property owner, Millworks Development Corporation, has submitted a conditional use application for the property at 305 N. Walnut Street, Suite C, for the purpose of including a tasting room within the Vitruvian Brewing Company for retail sales incidental to the manufacture or production of goods on the premises. Greene County Parcel ID #F19000100110025900. Applicable Yellow Springs Zoning Code sections are: Sec. 1252.02 (Table).

3) Antioch University Midwest – Conditional Use Application for a mobile vending (food truck) – 900 Dayton Street – (E-1, Educational Institutional District) – Dr. Karen Schuster Webb, representing Antioch University Midwest has requested a conditional use permit to allow a mobile vending food truck to be situated within their existing parking lot located at 900 Dayton Street within the Village of Yellow Springs. Greene County Parcel ID # F19000100200000500. Applicable Yellow Springs Zoning Code sections are: Sec. 1246.02 (Table) and Sec. 1262.08(d)(1).

DATE: Monday, June 9, 2014
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Council Chambers, 2nd floor, Bryan Center, 100 Dayton St, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

This notice provides you and every other interested party the opportunity to appear or have input at the hearing. You may come in person or have someone appear on your behalf. You may express your views in writing by providing a copy to the Clerk of Council for inclusion in the record of the hearing. The application, as prepared by the petitioners, may be examined at the office of the Village Planner on the 2nd floor of the Bryan Community Center, 100 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. Questions regarding the applications, zoning code or procedures may be directed to the Village Planner at the same address, or by calling 937-767-3702.

Tamara Ennist,
Village Zoning Administrator


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