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Village Council Meeting Agenda

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Village Council Meeting Agenda
Monday, July 6, 2015, 7 p.m.
Council Chambers, second floor
Bryan Community Center

Comments from the Public are welcomed at two different times during the course of the meeting:
(1) Comments on items not on the Agenda will be heard under Citizens Concerns, and
(2) Comments on all items listed on the Agenda will be heard during Council’s consideration of said item. A Sign-In sheet will be made available on the small table at the rear of the Council Chambers. Please write your name and the topic you wish to discuss.

• Minutes of June 1, 2015, Regular Council Meeting.
• Minutes of June 15, 2015, Work Session.
• Financials for May 2015

• Emergency Reading of Ordinance 2015-12 Authorizing and Directing the Submission to a Vote of the Electors of the Village of Yellow Springs, Ohio a Proposal to Amend Certain Provisions of the Village Charter
• Reading of Resolution 2015-21 Approving a Contract for Utility Line Clearing for 2015
• Reading of Resolution 2015-22 Authorizing the Village Manager to Enter into a Contract with GM Pipeline for the Bottleneck Elimination Project
• Reading of Resolution 2015-23 Approval of the Finance Director’s 2016 Tax Budget for the Village of Yellow Springs

• Information on ICLEI (Environmental Commission)
• Bi-Annual Goal Review
• Draft Agenda for July 20th Work Session
• Draft Boards and Commissions Ordinance

• August Meeting Schedule and Agenda

• WORK SESSION (7-20-15) Policing Policy
• Ordinance 2015-08 Accepting Planning Commission’s Recommendation to Vacate East North College Street Between Livermore and Corry Streets
• Ordinance 2015-11 Accepting Planning Commission’s Recommendation to Vacate the East Herman Street Right-of-Way Which is Situated Between the Developed Portion of East Herman Street and Corry Street
• Economic Sustainability Discussion
• 2016 Budget Presentation
• Levy Timeline

• For the Purpose of Discussion of the Village Manager’s Annual Review.

This is not a complete agenda and is subject to change. Materials relevant to this agenda are available in the John Bryan Community Center lobby and at the Yellow Springs library. Documents for consideration by Council must arrive by 10 a.m. on the Friday prior to Monday’s meeting. Documents may be left with the police department, utility office or the Clerk of Council’s office.

The Village of Yellow Springs is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. The Council meeting is wheelchair accessible. Any person requiring a disability accommodation should contact the Village Clerk of Council’s Office at 767-9126 or via e-mail at for more information.


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