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Planning Commission Yellow Springs, Ohio

Notice is hereby given that: Three owners of property in the Village have requested a public hearing with the Yellow Springs Planning Commission;

• Minor Subdivision Application – For an existing lot located in the Village of Yellow Springs corporate boundar y situated along Corr y Street between Allen Street and President Street. Parcel ID#: F19000100160007900

• Minor Subdivision Application – For an existing lot located in the Village of Yellow Springs corporate boundar y situated at the corner of Corr y Street and Allen. Parcel ID#: F19000100160008100

• Conditional Use Application (Accessor y Dwelling Unit) – 423 W. Limestone Street – (R-B Moderate Density Residential District). Donna Pitstick Haller, applicant. Applicant is requesting permission to allow an already constructed accessor y dwelling located on the premise. Parcel ID#: F19000100020004400; F19000100020004200

• Conditional Use Application (Of fice) – 527 Dayton Street – (R-C High Density Residential District) – Maxine Scuba, applicant. Applicant is applying to have an Office Conditional Use located in the existing building. Parcel ID#: F19000100020004600

• Text Amendments – The Village of Yellow Springs is applying for modifications for the following zoning text items:

• Revision of Section 1260.04 regarding the regulation of accessor y structures in the Village.

• Revision of Section 1282.05 regarding the regulation of non-conforming lots with existing structures.

• Revision of Section 1266 regarding signage. This is a formatting change. No regulator y revisions proposed. A PUBLIC HEARING WILL BE HELD ON THIS PETITION: DATE: Monday, August 31, 2015 TIME: 7:00 p.m. LOCATION: Council Chambers, 2nd floor, Br yan Center, 100 Dayton St, Yellow Springs, OH 45387
This notice provides you and ever y other interested party the opportunity to appear or have input at the hearing. You may come in person or have someone appear on your behalf. You may express your views in writing by providing a copy to the Clerk of Council for inclusion in the record of the hearing. The applications, as prepared by the petitioners, may be examined at the office of the Village Manager on the 2nd floor of the Bryan Community Center, 100 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. Questions regarding the applications, zoning code or procedures may be directed to the Assistant Village Manager at the same address, or by calling 937- 767-3703 or by email at jyung@vil. yellowsprings.oh.us.

John Yung AICP, Assistant Village Manager


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