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Articles About My Name Is Iden

  • My Name Is Iden | Put aside your judgement

    My Name is Iden

    “Ignorance must be met with teaching, not preaching. Your right may be different from my right.”

  • My Name Is Iden | The limits of metaphor

    My Name is Iden

    “We are not books, but we do have stories, and nothing ruins a story like certainty. I hope I am writing a good one.”

  • My Name Is Iden | Happy Iden-pendence Day

    My Name is Iden

    This past July 5 was my three-year “traniversary,” the anniversary of my coming out as transgender and beginning my transition. A day I’ve dubbed “Iden’s Day.”

  • My Name Is Iden | Everyone is a winner (or else)

    My Name is Iden

    “There will always be outstanding players, leaders in every field, and they are vital, but they are not so worthy of praise that we should devalue the contributions of the other team members.”

  • My Name Is Iden | Select all that are applicable

    My Name is Iden

    “Allowing people the freedom to fully self-identify in the ways that are most genuine and true to their lives and experience is the first step toward truly celebrating diversity.”

  • My Name Is Iden | The path of the fearless

    My Name is Iden

    “It is a frightening time to be transgender or nonbinary in America. It’s a frightening time to love someone who is trans or nonbinary.”

  • My Name Is Iden | How to say I love you

    My Name is Iden

    “Love is the center point from which we chart all other human emotion. We owe it to each other, and to ourselves, to recapture and appreciate anew the great gift it is to be able to give and receive love.”

  • My Name Is Iden | ‘Best self’ over being ‘the best’

    My Name is Iden

    The new year is upon us. A time for reflection and, for many of us, resolution. This is the time for getting to work on being our “best selves.”

  • My Name Is Iden | 12 months of being honest

    My Name is Iden

    “It was exhilarating for Iden that first day that I stepped out into the sun. At last, my suffering was over. At last, my pain was behind me. Or so I thought.”

  • My Name Is Iden | A Testimony of Sadness

    Banner for column "My Name is Iden" by Iden Crockett

    “I have many stories. Every paramedic does. “War stories,” we call them. Some we tell over and over to anyone who hasn’t heard them, and anyone who has.”

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