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Two days after Earth Day, about 200 to 250 people came to the second annual Green Fair on Saturday, April 24, at the Glen Helen building to engage in 25 interactive booths celebrating the natural world. The booths included a free market of recycled toys and activities such as seed start planting, aluminum can crushing and energy bike riding. Black Oak Project members, right, Sharath Krishna and Aisha Washington, from Central State University, brought a red tailed bull snake the group uses to educate urban youth about nature. The snake succeeded in mesmerizing, from left, Elliot Wiggins, Vaughn Hendrickson, Jude Meekin and Phillip Diamond. CJ Williams of Eco-Mental organized the event to honor Earth Day in a fun way that “takes out the consumption part of recycle, reduce and reuse.” The event was sponsored in partnership with the Glen, Central State, the Black Oak Project, Clay + Star and the Dayton STEM School. (photo by Lauren Heaton)

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