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Kim Totten, Aja Delawey, Karen Meade, Kelley Pickrel and Monica Bartley (among many others) share their night with a couple bottles of Umbrian wine (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Eat, Pray, Love


Eat, pray AND love!? Who has time for that? Well, according to Elizabeth Gilbert, everyone should make time for those simple life pleasures. The author took a crash course in self discovery in 2006, and decided to write it all down. The results have spent over 180 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Monica Hasek of Yoga Springs Studio organized a Yellow Springs-afied version of Gilbert’s journey last Thursday. Budgets were tight, and travel plans limited (Gilbert herself traveled from Italy to India to Indonesia), so Hasek managed to formulate a local experience, which was a collaboration between three local businesses, Yoga Springs, the Winds and the Little Art Theater, where participants watched the film, starring Julia Roberts, which is playing through next Thursday.

Yoga Springs Studio provided the “Pray” with a Yoga session. “Eat” was a delicious platter of appetizers and wine supplied by the Winds Cafe. And “Love”? “Well, they are going to have to figure that out for themselves” Hasek quipped.




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