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Invasive honeysuckle

Join Glen’s Honeysuckle Daze

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Those jolly red berries that decorate the boughs of many a bush or tree this time of year may look sweet and cheery, but for Ohio’s native plants and trees they’re the kiss of death. The invasive Asian bush honeysuckle is an intruder to these parts, and this Saturday, Nov. 6, Glen Helen is holding its fall pull at several locations throughout the preserve from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Volunteers are needed to haul, chip, lop and spray the plants, both small and tall. Layered clothing is recommended, along with boots, gloves, safety glasses and loppers if available. The group will meet at the Glen parking lot on Corry Street, and volunteers are asked to RSVP if possible by contacting Glen Volunteer Coordinator Brooke Bryan, 769-1902, ext. 101.


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Join Glen’s Honeysuckle Daze

by Lauren Heaton