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Eric Mundy

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Eric D. Mundy of Houston, Texas died Feb. 14, after a two-year battle with cancer. He was 64.

Eric was born Aug. 28, 1947 in Springfield, the son of Carole (Leigh) Mundy and Charles P. Mundy. Eric retired from Channel Sheet Metal, Inc. after many years of service. He served his country in the Vietnam War in the United States Army and was honorably discharged. His memory will be cherished by his loving and devoted wife, Shirley Evans-Mundy, son Durand Eric Mundy, daughter Erica Nicole Mundy, granddaughter Jade Nicole Lourino, sisters Wanda (Jim) Mundy-Stewart Hardin, Miriam Jean (Bernard) Kee and Deidria Washington and many other special cousins, relatives and friends. Eric was preceded in death by his father, Charles P. Mundy, brother Allan Lee Mundy and first son, Eric Mundy Jr.



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Eric Mundy

by YS News Staff