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Do’s and don’t’s of holiday recycling

During the holiday season, Rumpke trash and recycling services will be a day late, both this week and next. Rumpke expects to see as much as 25 percent more trash and recycling. While many holiday items can be recycled, some items can damage recycling equipment or contaminate materials.

There items are acceptable for recycling:
• cardboard boxes
• gift boxes
• wrapping paper (non-foil)
• paper gift bags
• newspaper (including inserts)
• postcards
• shipping boxes
• greeting cards
• envelops
• cans and bottles
• boxes (e.i. cake mix)
• plastic bottles and jugs
• glass bottles and jars
• paper grocery bags
• junk mail
• cartons (broth and egg nog)

These items cannot be recycled:
• unwanted gifts
• pacing peanuts and bubble wrap
• ribbon and bows
• plastic shopping bags
• strings of lights
• clothing and toys
• decor (wreaths, garland, etc.)
• foil and plastic wrap
• blister or clam shell packaging
• electronics
• batteries

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