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VIDEO — Yellow Springs Community Foundation celebrates arts and culture

This year, the YS Community Foundation celebrates 40 years of contributions to the village’s many nonprofit endeavors. As part of that celebration, the foundation, with the cooperation of WYSO, is producing a series of five sound and slide pieces detailing some of its most important work in the village. The third piece in the series, below, focuses on the Community Foundation’s commitment to forwarding the arts and cultural endeavors in the village. 

To view the first two pieces in the series, which cover the history of the foundation and contributions to seniors and health, visit the Community Foundation’s YouTube page here. Check back at the YS News website in August and September to view the final two installments in the series, which will focus on ecology and youth and education.



One Response to “VIDEO — Yellow Springs Community Foundation celebrates arts and culture”

  1. Evan Scott says:

    I particularly appreciate the eclectic range of programs and organizations in our Village!

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