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Tucker the Original Newshound

Tucker the Original Newshound

In memoriam: Tucker

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Tucker, the original News Hound, who lived with the Heaton/Weigand family, departed this world Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018. He was known to villagers and UPS drivers alike, as well as the greater Dayton metropolitan area, having had a cameo in a ThinkTV spot for the News. “Adieu, good friends of the village! I enjoyed sniffing every one of you and hope we will meet again on the other side. Special love and gratitude to my caregivers Marcia, MimiBob, Jenny and Matt, and doggie pals Bodhi and Jakey.” — Tucker the Dog (2006–2018)


One Response to “In memoriam: Tucker”

  1. Steve Horn says:

    Rest in peace, Tucker. Never easy losing a colleague.

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In memoriam: Tucker

by YS News Staff