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  • BLOG — Mailboxes

    (all photos by Suzanne Ehalt)

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  • BLOG — Numbers with Personality, part 2

    310 Dayton Street  (photos by Suzanne Ehalt)

    There are so many great address numbers, I just had to do a part 2! RELATED POSTS: BLOG – Personality in Numbers BLOG – Numbers with Personality, part 3 BLOG – Sledding BLOG – Bulldog 5K

  • BLOG — Hoops

    Vines and sunshine (photo by Suzanne Ehalt)

    I remember a few years ago, the street I’m currently living on having 3 basketball hoops within a single block. They are gone now but I’m noticing a lot more on my walks around town.

  • BLOG – Village Felines

    (photos by Suzanne Ehalt)

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  • BLOG — Crazy Day

    Colorful headbands at one of the booths at Street Fair. (photos by Suzanne Ehalt)

    Being well aware that Saturday, June 9 was anything but a quiet corner, I was out and about fighting the crowd taking pictures for the News.

  • BLOG – Lines between the yards

    (photos by Suzanne Ehalt)

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  • BLOG – Resting Places

    George's Resting Place, a bench on campus in memory of George W. Dewey 1917-2000. (photos by Suzanne Ehalt)

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  • BLOG – Memorial Day


    No related posts.

  • BLOG – Not the average quiet corner

    Party in Kings Yard

    Friday nights are normally quiet nights in Kings Yard. A few plants are sold, and maybe a set of prayer flags, but for the most part, it’s pretty low key.

  • BLOG – Personality in Numbers


    Carved in wood, hand written, unique shapes and placements, the village is full of numbers with personality.

  • BLOG – Irises around town


    Some irises grow in deserts, some in swamps, some in the cold far north, and some here in Yellow Springs.

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