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Articles About CBE

  • Village Council— Slowing down on CBE land

    Village Council at its Sept. 19 meeting signaled a new willingness to slow down plans for extending basic infrastructure to the entrance of the 35-acre parcel of land known as the Center for Business and Education, or CBE.

  • SIDEBAR—Referendum effort begins

    A group of villagers is launching a campaign to put on the November ballot the question of whether the Village should fund the CBE infrastructure

  • Council gives first nod to CBE

    In its first vote on the Center for Business and Education since bringing the issue back to the table, Village Council on Monday night narrowly approved spending $1 million to fund CBE infrastructure. Karen Wintrow, Gerry Simms and Brian Housh voted to fund the CBE, while Marianne MacQueen and Lori Askeland voted against.

  • Council, YSCR future partners?

    What is the best strategy for economic development in Yellow Springs? What role, if any, should the nonprofit group Community Resources play in advising the Village on development? What stands in the way of Community Resources and Village Council working together?