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Ordinance 2010-11: Establishing an Energy Board

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WHEREAS, the Electric System Task Force (ESTF) was commissioned by the Village Council of Yellow Springs to provide information regarding the condition of its electric system and to assist the Village Council to understand and address issues of electric power usage in the Village; and

WHEREAS, Phase 1 determined that the condition of the Village-owned distribution system was generally good and there was ample capacity for the current energy usage and near term projection of the Village. Phase 2 provided information and recommendations about electric energy conservation and renewable energy generation in the Village; and

WHEREAS, a recommendation of Phase 2 was for Village Council to establish a new task force to explore specific options for energy conservation and renewable power generation and make recommendations to Council. Because of the changed nature of the charge, the new group was called the Energy Task Force (ETF) and established in April of 2009 via Resolution 2009-11; and

WHEREAS, the ETF has been operating for over one year and Village Council now recognizes that the work being done by the ETF is not a one-time, short-term process, but rather an on-going concern beyond the scope of Task Force and therefore this Task Force should be eliminated and an Energy Board (EB) be established; and


Section 1.   Establishment.

There is hereby established in and for the Village the Energy Board.

Section 2.   Responsibilities:

In concert with Village Council’s current goal to “Develop a comprehensive policy that addresses global warming and seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of our community”, the Energy Board is charged to work in concert with Village Staff to advise Council regarding the following objectives:

1.    To reduce the energy consumption in Village-owned facilities;

2.    To design and implement an energy conservation program for customers of the Yellow Springs Electric System that will allow them to reduce their energy consumption thereby saving money and resources;

3.    To investigate opportunities for renewable energy generation and energy related businesses;

4.    To research funding options available for such projects;

5.    To develop a plan for adequate base power supplies as existing contracts expire; and

6.    To make recommendations to Council in regards to energy-themed economic development.

Section 3.

The membership of the Energy Board shall consist of nine (9) persons, to be appointed by Council.  One member shall be a member of Council, appointed to serve at the pleasure of Council.  The other members shall be appointed for three year terms.  Initial appointments shall be staggered to allow regular rotation of members.  The Commission shall select its own Chairperson annually.   As an official committee of Council, all meetings of the Energy Board must be advertised and open to the public. To be considered official, meetings must be attended by a quorum, determined to be a simple majority of members. Official meeting minutes must be kept, approved and forwarded to the Council Clerk for distribution and records retention.  The Board may establish its own rules of procedure or otherwise shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 4.

The following persons are hereby appointed to the Energy Board:

Judith Hempfling (Council)  …  Term Expires:
Pat Murphy  …  End of 2012
Jerry Papania  …  End of 2012
Reggie Stratton  …  End of 2012
Brian Strawn  …  End of 2011
Larry Gerhoffer  …  End of 2011
Terry Graham  …  End of 2011

Section 5.

Any expenditure of funds must be approved by Council.

Section 6.

This Ordinance shall become law at the earliest time permitted by law.

Judith Hempfling, President of Council


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