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McKinney artists hold their own ‘Chopped’

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McKinney eighth grade students participated in the first annual “Chopped” Art Competition this week.  The event was created by art teacher, Karleen Materne, to assess students’ knowledge of design. But it is modeled on the Food Network production of “Chopped Food Challenge,” in which chefs are given a basket of ingredients from which to make a meal in 20 minutes. Here, students are given a box of art supplies from which to create a work of art in 20 minutes.

The first official round began on Friday, January 11, where all students participated. Eight students per class were selected to move on to round 2. From there 3 were selected to compete for the title of Art Chopped Champion of their class period.

The final round took place on Thursday, Jan. 17. Watch the video to see which student was crowned Chopped Champion of the eighth grade.


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McKinney artists hold their own ‘Chopped’

by Lauren Heaton