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The Village will soon move to a new system to contact residents during emergencies.

Yellow Springs police announce rash of burglaries

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Since early last week, the village has experienced about six burglaries to homes in Yellow Springs, included the theft of both men’s and women’s jewelry. The sudden increase in incidents prompted local police to issue a Hyper Reach alert by telephone today to all village homes, urging residents to increase home security by locking their windows and doors. 

According to Yellow Springs Police Chief Anthony Pettiford, police are looking closely at a person of interest, but could not release any information about the suspect. 

All of the burglaries have occurred during the daytime, with the perpetrator entering homes through unlocked windows and doors, without the use of forced entry.

“We’re not trying to cause a panic, but we just want to be proactive and encourage people to take extra precaution,” Pettiford said Friday.

An update on this story will appear in next week’s Yellow Springs News.


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