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Village in the dark on Friday the 13th

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In an event befitting the much maligned date, most all of Yellow Springs experienced a black-out starting around 8:15 p.m.

Village dispatcher Chris Collins said the outage was due to a vehicle “pole strike” at Grinnell and Corry streets. No one was injured.

At present, the village electrical crew is working to repair the damage, and though power was restored to portions of the village around 9:30 p.m., other parts of the village are still in the dark. Collins noted that restored power may be sporadic, and that villagers should be prepared for more possible outages.

Collins also said one of the damaged poles belongs to DP&L, and will require a separate DP&L repair crew.

Emergency fire and medical personnel are going about the village, assisting with traffic control, as well as checking in on people who are known to require electrical equipment for their well-being.

Villagers in need of emergency assistance are encouraged to call the police by dialing 911.


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