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Natural causes suspected in villager’s death

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According to the Yellow Springs Police Department, on Saturday, June 15, at around 7:30 p.m, the YSPD were called to assist the Miami Township Fire-Rescue crew with an unresponsive person.

William (Tim) Hackathorne, 67, was found unresponsive in the bathroom at the Emporium, 233 Xenia Ave., in downtown Yellow Springs. Medics pronounced Hackathorne deceased at 7:44 p.m.

On Monday, YS Police Chief Brian Carlson said that police suspect the death was due to natural causes and that there was no indication of foul play or drug activity. A Greene County Coroner’s ruling is forthcoming.


8 Responses to “Natural causes suspected in villager’s death”

  1. Lorna Hunt says:

    Tim was the very first villager to be friendly to me after moving to Yellow Springs in 2007. It was late fall and there was a pall over the village that I would come to attribute to the status of the College. New to town, it was disheartening to smile or say hello to passersby and get only minimal, if any, response. My first friend in Yellow Springs was Mr. Eko, the cat at Dark Star Books & Comics. My second was Tim. Our entire relationship was a warm acquaintanceship that took place on the sidewalk, downtown. Always a kind and curious hello, an inquiry about my dog or my day, a short anecdote from him, and then we wished each other a good day. We were both particular to peach pies. If I purchased one for myself at the Corn Crib Farm Market on 72 (highly recommended), I would drop off half for Tim at his regular spot at the table outside of the Emporium. I will never forget Tim’s kindness and acceptance. I no longer live in Yellow Springs, but I am grateful to him for being the first person to make me feel welcome.

  2. corrine bayraktaroglu says:

    Such a loss for the community. He was always there and a peaceful reassuring presence for visitors and villagers. RIP

  3. Andrea Cobbs-Waterman says:

    I’m still in shock. Tim was my teacher at the Children’s Center many moons ago. Every single time I came home to visit I knew that I could go downtown and see Tim at his table where I would go to give him a hug before letting him get back to his reading. I will miss him terribly and YS will never be the same without him. Tim! We will love you and miss you always.

  4. Harden Ballantine says:

    Since 1973, and maybe before, Tim would hitchhike down from Springfield to help out at the Children’s Center. Every day. Then he moved on to a chair in front of the Emporium. He knew everyone. Always had something interesting to say. There should be chair with his name on it with an appropriate epithet.

  5. Greg Benedetto says:

    Whenever we visit YS from Cleveland, Tim’s the one I look for to let me know everything is as it was and as it should be. “The face of YS”. So shocked and saddened to hear he is suddenly gone.

  6. Abigail Cobb says:

    Oh,Tim – we love you! How could you leave us soon? Quietly reading great books while watching over the village, your presence in the heart of our town radiated kindness. Be at peace, Tim! We will miss you so much!

    Abby & George

  7. Steve Lord says:

    R.I.P. Tim.

  8. Connie Crockett says:

    Tim took excellent care of little kids for many years at the Children Center in Yellow Springs. He was really patient and caring in that work. RIP

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