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Students of the Month — September 2019

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McKinney Middle School and YS High School have instituted a “Student of the Month” program, each month acknowledging one student from each grade who has shown exemplary work as a student, classmate and citizen of the school. The schools have selected the following six students who best modeled these efforts in the month of September, pictured above from left.

Seventh grade — Jake Felton: “Jake has been awesome this month. He is always the first to jump in and help out. He is polite, respectful and personable. He always has a positive attitude and is very cheerful.” —Cameron McCoy

Eighth grade — Derek Reed: “I have seen an amazing improvement in work ethic and overall positive attitude.”
—Courtney O’Connor

Ninth grade — Isabella Beiring: “Isabella works very hard in math class. She works diligently in class and helps others. She is always very pleasant and usually has a smile for everyone. Also, she has come to yoga four weeks in a row and has brought a friend with her who now attends regularly. She is always willing to try new asanas and does a great job.” —Donna Haller

10th grade — Peter Skidmore: “Peter works hard, asks for help and always revises projects so that they meet the criteria. He’s also one of the kindest students I’ve ever had.” —Karleen Materne

11th grade — Hailey Burk:Every day, she asks if I need any help, and she helps push in chairs and straighten up after every single class. She is one of the most trustworthy and dependable students at YSHS.” —Kevin Lydy

12th grade — Riley Duncan: “After missing two A-day classes, Riley contacted me, inquiring about the work missed and clarifying what was on Google classroom; her sense of agency was outstanding.” —Kevin Lydy

—Submitted by Yellow Springs Schools

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