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Michael Collins Cronin

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Michael Collins Cronin passed away on Jan. 5, 2021, at his home on Merrion St. Upper, Dublin, Ireland. He was 91.

Michael was a lively, trendy and witty man, while also a reliable father to his four wonderful children, including Emma Weir, resident of Yellow Springs. He was a rather worldly Irishman, having ventured out of Ireland many times in his life for the opportunity to work abroad in countries of Africa and the Caribbean, among other places.

Michael enjoyed solitude as much as he enjoyed a good get-together, and relished the things in life that brought him joy, whether that be a simple dinner of olive oil and garlic on pasta, or delving into films — his favourite being “Casablanca.”

He will also be sadly missed by his grandchildren, among whom are Michael, Evie and Holly Weir. His spirit, personality, and genes trickle down through all of us, and thus he is never forgotten and is always honoured.

When it is safe to gather, the entire Cronin family will celebrate his life in a memorial service in Ireland.

Peace and love to you, MCC, Granddad, Dad.


One Response to “Michael Collins Cronin”

  1. I met Michael Collins Cronin in Dublin in 2000. He was so smart and engaging and charming, I still remember details about the meal. His storytelling left a strong impression on a young-ish American tourist who was fascinated by Irish history. I hope he left a memoir.

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