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  • Residents, educators air concerns over school performing arts space

    On Thursday, Feb. 8, local residents, students and educators implored the members of the school board not to divert funding away from the performing arts space planned for the district’s facilities improvement project.

  • School board to hire Ruetschle Architects facilities improvement design

    The school district’s facilities improvement project — particularly its timeline for both design and construction — was the topic of focus at a special meeting of the school board Wednesday, Jan. 24.

  • School facilities improvement process begins

    At its Dec. 14 regular meeting, the Yellow Springs Board of Education took its first step toward realizing the district school facilities improvements that were approved by voters last month.

  • Yellow Springs school board appoints Scott Fife

    On Friday, Sept. 1, the Yellow Springs Board of Education unanimously voted to appoint local resident Scott Fife as a member of the board.

  • Yellow Springs Board of Education approves facilities levy resolution

    At its most recent regular meeting Thursday, June 8, the Yellow Springs Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution of necessity to place a combined bond issue and income tax levy for upgrading local school facilities before voters on Nov. 7.

  • YS Schools facilities | Two new options, four total considered

    By meeting’s end, school board members had pared the potential facilities plans to four — two fewer than at the board’s regular meeting the previous week.

  • Board of Education | Treasurer talks taxes, facilities

    At the April 13 regular meeting of the YS Board of Education, district Treasurer Jacob McGrath presented a detailed overview of the tax implications associated with updating the district’s school facilities.

  • Yellow Springs Board of Education | Facilities options narrow to six

    At a Wednesday, March 29 work session of the YS Board of Education, board members winnowed the number of plans for potential facilities upgrades under consideration from eight options to six.

  • Community opines on facilities options

    The second listening session was held on Feb. 21 to gather feedback and suggestions from community members on the future of the school district’s infrastructure as the board works to place a facilities levy on this November’s ballot.

  • School board considers additional facilities options

    At the school board’s regular meeting, held Thursday, Feb. 9, architect Mike Ruetschle presented a preliminary fact sheet briefly detailing eight potential facilities plans for both the school board and community members to consider as the next facilities listening session approaches on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

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